We started building our On The Go Now app for Android to answer the problems that so many construction and trade companies face on a daily basis, problems which are time-consuming, tedious and often result in inaccurate reporting. From tracking your daily reports and running custom reports, to features like full screen mode and a GPS-based timecard app which ensures your employees stay on track and honest. Finally, you are able to successfully manage your construction, housekeeping, disaster recovery, and any other mobile or field business with just the touch of a button. With all of these reports sent to you electronically, you have the information you need right at your fingertips so that you no longer have to waste time tracking, compiling and re-compiling, saving valuable time to focus on more important things, like running your business.


One of the largest issues in day-to-day business operations today is the language barrier. To help you bridge the gap with employees, customers, and partners, our employee management software features a built-in Spanish to English translator. This translator app allows employees to enter all of their reports in Spanish while allowing you to download the same reports in English. By clearing communication barriers, you will be able to operate more efficiently and with higher customer satisfaction.


We understand the demands placed on you and your business because we have been there ourselves. Years in construction management have taught us what we need in order to be more efficient, effective and intentional in everything we do. With this experience, we have built the On The Go Now construction app to bridge that gap between what we need to do and what we can do. Learn more about the features, benefits and what others are saying about our app, and get your 15-day free trial to see how it can simplify your management process. Have questions, concerns or just want more information? No problem. Contact us today and one of our friendly developers will be in touch shortly.



Used to verify employee location and job cost.


Translate from one language to another, which includes a voice to text feature


Keep track of when and who your last checked out your equipment.



Users can’t log out of the application until they close the job.


Upload photos that are tagged with GPS location data.


Track the GPS location of your job sites materials.

Web Portal



Skill Management

With different hourly rate tracking for each employee, you can have an accurate assessment of paycheck amounts while still accounting for the skill level of every employee. Forget the hassle of keeping track of every person on your team, and let On The Go Now’s skill management software do it for you.


Equipment Tracking

With GPS location and time card data that is assigned specifically to each employee, tracking both your equipment and its hourly rate has never been easier. You’ll always know where your equipment is, when and how it’s being used so you can stay organized with the peace of mind you need.


Custom Reports

We know that not all of your information is easily categorized or set in stone. That is why we offer custom reports, so you can input a custom hourly rate for each employee, each job site, and each piece of equipment, as well as receive reports for employees who clock in or out outside of the job site area.


Download Your Data

Run custom reports and download any report into Excel format so you can add, subtract or import any of your data. Whether you need the data for accounting purposes, your own files or anything else, the process is simple, easy, and fast, supplying the access you need to the information you want. On The Go Now allows you to break down language barriers by allowing employees to enter reports in Spanish and translating them to English for easy downloading.


Web Portal is Customizable

Your brand is your business, and we understand that you want to keep it that way. Our web portal is completely customizable so that you can make sure your employees see your company, your logo, your colors and your brand.

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